Hormones – Premenstrual syndrome Part 2

In part 2 of Premenstrual syndrome I talk about conventional and complementary treatments options of PMS, including nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies and herbs.
In this part I will describe conventional and complementary treatments options of PMS. To learn about symptoms, causes and lifestyle interventions that may be helpful please refer to part 1

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Hormones – Premenstrual syndrome Part 1

Premenstrual syndrome/tension (PMS, PMT) in an umbrella term for various symptoms that many women of childbearing age experience before periods.
It is poorly understood condition and often dismissed by the medical profession, but it can seriously affect women’s quality of life.

In this Part 1 of Hormones series, we shall look at:
What are the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome?
What causes premenstrual syndrome?
What can you do to help?
Are there ways to cope whilst my hormones are rebalancing?
When will I feel the difference?

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Homeopathy for Preconception, Pregnancy, Childbirth & Babies

For most women, pregnancy is one of the most exciting times of their lives – the time when they ‘blossom.’ However for others, the nine months of pregnancy can pose some health challenges including falling pregnant in the first instance.
Homeopaths generally view pregnancy and childbirth as a period of time needing little intervention, using remedies only if they are required. Homeopathy can be very effective, both as an adjunct to other therapies and as an alternative when other therapies seem inappropriate, especially when women want to avoid potential side effects of drugs while carrying their babies.

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